A case against White & Hackleman

Someone needs to take on an  investigator role and formulizes a case of deception against Dana White and Chuck Liddell’s long time trainer John Hackleman. No need for a professional….. any ass scratcher can identify themotives in this deceptive act by the two plantiffs Mr. White and Mr. Hackleman. Let’s take a look at Mr. White’s motive for forcing the former UFC’s light heavy weight champion (Chuck Liddell) to retire from competing in the UFC:  by forcing Liddell to retire, the UFC will be able to acquire at least 5 up and coming prospects for the same fee that they’re currently paying Mr. Liddell. Just a typical business move. Next,  we will look at Mr. Hackleman’s motive for keeping his fighter Mr. Liddell in the competition: There’s no doubt that Mr. Liddell generated alot of money over the years for Mr. Hackleman. “The Pit” will be out of business once Liddell is retired, and Mr. Hackleman will no longer get to enjoy the fat paychecks from Mr. Liddell’s fights.


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